The staff at Sigma Kore™ has worked in the auto detailing industry for 10+ years. We have coated just about everything - from cars, airplanes, you name it. We were dissatisfied with the products being peddled to the everyday consumer so we decided to make a change ourselves. 

We thought we could do better and after years of deliberation and testing, we finally created our own line of advanced ceramics and compounds that we can warrant in house.

The Sigma Kore product line offers so much more than paint protection. Our products will actually correct and revitalize hazy or dull paint-jobs, giving your car that highly coveted showroom shine.

Our products are highly durable and will extend the longevity of your vehicle’s aesthetic appeal tenfold.

We back all of our Sigma Kore™ Products with a NO BS 6-Month Durability Warranty.

We look forward to becoming your go-to ceramic coating & detailing brand.

- Team Sigma Kore

Located in Denver & wanting to take your vehicle's protection and appearance to the next level? Visit our service side of things at Sigmakore.com